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I fandom-hop between anime/tv shows/asian musicians and multiship a lot lmao

AND ALSO ANTI-SHIP BASHING!! I do have my own preferences but won't hate on someone else's preferred pairing of fictional characters because that's stupid!

so I’m reading this one TTSS/Sherlock crossover fic whenever we’re not doing anything here, and last night I had a dream where Peter was fucking Sherlock on the bed and John was kneeling on the floor and holding Sherlock’s hand and soothing him and telling him to breathe because Sherlock is so overwhelmed and it’s sort of freaking him out and SOMEONE JUST FIC THIS PLEASE OK I NEED THIS I WLL PAY YOU with love



“Sexuality was a very powerful tool then. I keep my character’s homosexuality secret because you are so open to blackmail. It necessitates a certain amount of secretiveness, which goes hand in hand with spying. We talked about the idea that Guillam would have been a frozen child at one of the military public schools and there would be a distance between him and his parents, partly because of the work he was involved in. Guillam is in love with a man who’s older than him, and Smiley is another sort of father figure.” x

Benedict Cumberbatch in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

Fantastic interpretation of the original character.

Very different from the novel, but amazing.

Benedict Cumberbatch nailed the role.



#I’d keep Peter too

Oh honey, get in line.


This scene killed me; it’s so subtle but so heartbreaking.

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TTSS - Peter Guillam



where is that gif set of Benedict/Peter crying from TTSS when I really need it goddamnit