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I fandom-hop between anime/tv shows/asian musicians and multiship a lot lmao

AND ALSO ANTI-SHIP BASHING!! I do have my own preferences but won't hate on someone else's preferred pairing of fictional characters because that's stupid!

kyu x wave 


SS5 Macau: Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi isn’t listening to other members.

cr: fan cam by: Kyuhyun J 

I thought I’d do a little LOOK HERE LOOK HERE!!!!!!!!! GIVE THIS BOY PRAISE post

bc Kyuhyun has my favourite male voice in Kpop tbh and I don’t praise him enough because he does so much ballads (the link above is one too but it has powerful points/chorus!!) and I don’t really like pop ballads much? unless they have something powerful going on at some point like right there aaaaaa

whatever just listen to him and if I ever get married someone just make sure that you get him to sing at my wedding lol kasjdflkasdjfkldöfg

(also here’s a video of him rocking out a bit hehe)


Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk for SPAO’s Gentleman’s Play.

kyuhyun flailing then succeeding in feeding the horse ㅋㅋㅋ

Kyuhyun was talking about his sister but Lee Yeongja (who’s not married too) wasn’t pleased by his comment XD [c]


cr: Gail77


cr: Gail77

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cr: 西瓜不知道

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cr: Gaem_g23
cr: Gaem_g23


Happy birthday to the most precious Cho Kyuhyun!

You have grown so much over the years as a singer, musical actor, dancer & MC. I love how you always put in all your efforts in whatever you do & you never let a sign of tiredness show in front of the fans. But please don’t tire yourself too much ok?

I love how you are always waving to fans from all corners no matter where you are. I will never forget how you kept coming over to the restricted view area during SS4 to check if we could actually see the whole concert properly. This really touched me a lot & meant so much to me. 

Thank you for everything. Thank you for always being the sweetest to us fans. Thank you to your parents for having such a wonderful you. Thank you to you for being here. Your beautiful smiles never fail to brighten up my day =)

Happy birthday once again. Stay happy & healthy always. 사랑해 ❤

cr: -AHuAWithDoNgHaE
cr: -AHuAWithDoNgHaE

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